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About us
Business Center of Iran (Maad IRAN BUSINESS HUB) tries to significant capacities with regard to economic, industrial, mining country, seize opportunities ahead classification and evaluation, and for use by youth and active forces and Contribute to production and creation jobs. And removing obstacles in the way of productive entrepreneurship for commercialization, to play an effective role in the Economy.

To fulfill what mentioned and to survive in the world full of the impact of emerging technologies, forced re-education and training for human capital development which will be based on international standards and update ideas.
By the Grace of the Almighty God, and tireless efforts, of all of our members and managers of the Iran Business Hub, while exploring future and recognizing opportunities and trying to actualize the potential of the private sector in the implementation of Article 44 of the constitution. To Measure to promote scientific, economic, industrial, mining, agricultural and …. Country, elevating the status of Iran in the region and at the international level technology, increase productivity and factor of national development, play a role to be effective in the Economy of the world. Iran Business Hub, as the result of years of knowledge and experience and cooperation with leading professors and thinkers has been raised. And taking into account the capabilities of talented youth and active forces and the national and regional requirements and international standards, has been formed. To realize and implementation of economic and social Development plan and programs of the Islamic republic of Iran we are ready to participate especially on sixth program. With the hope to have Iran as developed country surpassing economic, scientific and technological region and as a land of secure, independent and powerful, the relationship expanded capabilities, based on national interests, principles of wisdom, dignity and interest in interaction with the world.
The Hub is using experts in the field of feasibility studies and prepare a feasibility study including specialized technical experts in various fields of sciences and financial experts, economic, and software is proud to announce the investment bank with a focus on specialized industry, mining, energy, oil and derivatives, Metals and mining branches of industry, agriculture and the processing and packaging, Services, construction, housing and urban Development, transportations, tourism and effective service delivery is ready …. to offer and present excellent services.
Iran business Hub with specialized supporting team in addition to prepare and presenting feasibility study also provides the following services:
Design and development for suitable business model of knowledge-based companies.
To guide financing and introducing investors for trading and commercialization knowledge based companies and innovators.
prepare a comprehensive plan activities and consulting for monetary, financial and banking, industrial, economic (Business Plan)
Construction management, projects management (MC) and engineering management, procurement and construction (EPC)
Industrial consulting, design and selection of appropriate production line and prepare Road Map and C.P.M
Provide investment advisory and investment ideas guidance with high added value.
Providing Services and information and advices, especially for youth employment entrepreneur shipment.
Efforts to provide updated information for Economic and business activities and services.