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Investment, Industry, Technology
According to the role of capital and investment in the real sector and use effective technology, meet and attract foreign investors and providing legal services and technical consultations with the guarantees necessary in matters of finance and credit participants in different industrial sectors including metal in duster, non-metallic minerals, fossil fuels, new and renewable exploration and exploitation, upstream and downstream ( forward linkages & backward linkages ), dependent and transfer of technologies to the days of the promotion and localization in the center of the data required by the clients, members of the Maad Iran Business Hub will be available.
It should be noted, in this center we try to provide consultations and advice in the areas of applications, Investment, Industry, Technology legal and … Corporate members and applicants to internal and external business center of enjoying and using Knowledge and experience of consultants and experts, prominent academics and co-related to the in Maad Iran Business Hub of the work done.