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Articles and scientific databases and applications

Articles and scientific databases and applications

Research and the latest news and events and scientific literature, research and technology should be regarded as infrastructure for development. Therefor in Iran and worldwide, the base of smart and fast access to a large number of bases and the main centers and important scientific and academic materials have provided to user and members of Irabizhub.com
It should be noted accessible databases mentioned above, includes a range of different disciplines and requirements in the areas of: Pure science, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Monetary, Banking, Insurance, Finance, Taxation, Engineering, Industry, Mine, Civil &City Engineering, Geography Economic, Human Geography, Water Management, Optimization of Consumption, Transportation, Automobile Industry, Medical Science, Oil and Petroleum, Petrochemical, Backward linkage, Forward linkage, Environment, Research and Sustainable Development, Human Resources Management, Strategic Management, Managerial Economics, Business Management, Marketing Management, Reserve Management, Resource Management, Risk Assessment, Knowledge Management, Reverse Engineering, R&D, Employment and Entrepreneurship, Trade, Tourism, Oceanic science & Shipment, Oceanic Resource Sciences, New Technology, Nano Technology, Bio Technology, Metallurgy, International Standards, Commercialization of research and technology, Interdisciplinary Subjects.