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Trade & Commerce, Tourism, Transportation

Trade & Commerce, Tourism, Transportation
In this section, as one of the sectors of services and money as the engine of the real economy (agriculture, industry, mining, energy, etc.) And is included in the following items, which are:
Trade & Commerce, tourism, hotel and restaurant, attracting and investing in cultural tourism and pilgrimage, scientific, educational, health, recreation and transportation of sea, air and land, rail and road and…. to be presented.
As the result of all activities in the real sector, including the production of industrial goods, mining, agriculture, engineering and technical services in the commercial sector are reflected….in trade & commerce sector.
To expand business, information and statistics of trade & commerce for each country and in each region is very important for businessmen.
In the Iran Business Hub up-to-dated data, including import and export trade, commercial law, customs, transportation facilities for sea, road, air will be available for members and users of the Maad Iran Business Hub.
In addition to the capacity expansion of trade and investment in various sectors due to geographical and climatic diversity and difference forty degrees of heat and cold in all seasons (Four seasons all year round) And due to the rich history and culture and Islamic civilization of ancient Iran as one of the most attractive tourist areas in the world has been recognized.
Wide geographic distribution and center of the Silk Road, both from the East to West and North to South, and the lack of access of the majority of the countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus to the seas and oceans, and short and secure trade routes, have been made Iran as the most important Business Hub for West and East.
As the result, potential and actual sea, land and air transportation and use of this potential for expanding global trade, for applicants and users and members of the Maad Iran Business Hub is important.
It should be noted, in this center we try to provide consultations and advice in the areas of applications, Trade & Commerce, Tourism, Transportation, legal and … Corporate members and applicants to internal and external business center of enjoying and using Knowledge and experience of consultants and experts, prominent academics and co-related to the business center of the work done.